• Fall 2018

Pastor Ismael (Izzy) Alvarez

Izzy Alvarez was born and raised in New York City. He joined the staff of Fellowship Missionary Church, in Fort Wayne, in 2005 as a custodian where he served faithfully for years before obeying a... Read More
  • Fall 2018

Global Engagement

Global Engagement Program Assistants, Collin Sroka and Jocelynn Moss, and the Director of Global and Community Engagement Tyler Grant, along with current student Taylor Nelson, and graduate Gui Teixeira share about task force opportunities and... Read More
  • Fall 2018

David Bennett

David Bennett is a Fellow at the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics and has recently completed his postgraduate diploma in theology at the University of Oxford as well as his Masters in Analytical and Exegetical... Read More
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