• Spring 2019

Keith Witherspoon

Reverend Keith Witherspoon has served as Pastor of the Bethlehem Missionary Baptist church for nearly 13 years. Pastor Witherspoon has a dynamic itinerant preaching ministry that extends across the country. He has been described as... Read More
  • Fall 2018

Dr. Melanie Hulbert

Dr. Melanie Hulbert is a storyteller and speaker. As a university sociology professor and now as a university administrator she brings a unique and scholarly prospective to issues of organizational leadership and change, diversity and... Read More
  • Fall 2018

Nourish (Soul): Dr. John Dendiu

Dr. John Dendiu grew up in Ohio. Throughout his career John has served as a music teacher, Campus Crusade staff member, missionary and church planter in Indonesia, a Pastor and most recently professor of Bible... Read More
  • Fall 2018

Nourish (Mind): Dr. Cristian Mihut

Dr. Cristian Mihut was born and raised in Romania. He attended Bethel College where he graduated with a double major in mathematics and Biblical studies. He went on to earn a masters degree in philosophy... Read More
  • Fall 2018

Nourish (Body): Mandy Young

Mandy Young is a self-proclaimed southern social butterfly who loves her family, friends, sweet tea, the color pink and most of all, Jesus. Her greatest joy is traveling around the country sharing her story and... Read More
  • Fall 2018

Resonate: Jon Swanson

Jon Swanson studied communication at Wheaton College and rhetorical theory and criticism at the University of Texas. He taught and worked in higher education for 15 years at Missionary Church, Mennonite and Catholic colleges .... Read More
  • Fall 2018

Resonate: John Kaehr

John Kaehr returned to Bethel in 2012 after 15 years in pastoral ministry. He has served as a Resident Director for the last 6 years and currently fulfills the role of Associate Director for Community... Read More
  • Fall 2018

Special Chapel: David Bennett

David Bennett comes to Bethel as the first stop on his tour for his book A War of Loves. David is a Fellow at the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics and has recently completed his... Read More
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